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Benefits of Hiring Content Writers (Such as Those from ChronisTsempelis)

Ever since the Internet became mainstream, a huge chunk of business transactions have been conducted online. These days, anyone can open up a browser, surf around for reviews on a product or service that they need and then proceed to the website of a company providing the said item and then purchase it on the spot.

seoBecause of so many online transactions, a lot of companies have been scrambling to establish or revitalize their online presence. Terms like search engine optimization or SEO (usually in relation to companies like ChronisTsempelis), social media marketing, and affiliate marketing are constantly being thrown around in the pursuit of higher traffic and thus, greater sales.

One area where many businesses struggle when it comes to their online presence is content. With so much information available on all sorts of subjects on the Internet, curating the content on one’s website can be quite a challenge.

This is where the services of content writing companies like ChronisTsempelis generally come in. To save you the trouble of having to come up with your own content, content writing services will determine what sort of information your website requires and can assign the appropriate writer on their staff to generate it.

Hiring a content writer might be an extra cost, but it does come with a whole lot of benefits, some of which include:

1.)More time for other activities.

Rather than spending hours sitting in front of a blank screen racking your mind for what to write, you can have a content writer work on the text for your website’s landing page or product descriptions. That way, you can devote your time, focus, and energy towards tasks that directly impact your growing business, such as improving your customer service, seeking out better suppliers, and developing brilliant product lines.

2.)Peace of mind.

Content providers like ChronisTsempelis often screen the writers on their staff and train them carefully, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

contentBecause they spend a fair bit of time doing research for the articles that they submit, their output often turns out to be original, credible, and constructed in such a way that appeals to your target audience.

As with the previous item, the less time you spend worrying about the content on your website, the more time you can devote to brainstorming ways to improve your business.

3.)No need for trial and error.

The trouble with many novices who attempt to make their own content is they sometimes end up violating a copyright. Whether it’s through inadvertently copying another author’s material or even repeating the same sort of content from a website that they also own, such violations tend to result in a penalty for the business’ online presence.

Professional content providers, on the other hand, are well-versed in either seeking permission to use the copyrighted material (as well as acknowledging the author properly) or drafting the information to avoid being flagged.


Search engines are programmed to focus on websites that consistently have original and high-quality content. One of the great things about hiring a content writer from a platform like ChronisTsempelis is that you can draw up a contract for them to provide you with constant content for a fixed period of time.

So, whether if it’s for a year or three, you can rest assured that your website is constantly being updated with fresh, up-to-date content. This will help boost your page’s rankings on the search engine’s results page and thus help drive more traffic and more customers towards it as well.

With so many benefits that come with hiring a content writer, one might say that the pay-off more than pays for itself.

Chronistsempelis offers free Initial SEO & Internet Marketing Consultation.

How People Use their Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are not just for office purposes. Laces often come in various width, texture and material, allowing manufacturers to develop designs that are fashionable and sometimes, personalized.

Here are some of the top six items that people attach to their lanyards.

•Back to the olden times, the original purpose of neck lanyards is to hold whistles and pistols for sports. People attach their whistles to lanyards to avoid placing them on unclean surfaces. Until now, we can still see coaches and team leaders wearing one around their necks.

•Neck lanyards are conventionally used as ID and card holders. Companies, schools and organizations get custom made lanyards with printed logo of the name. They are also used to hold identification cards for company visitors.

ID lanyardsMany people like the idea of hanging their phones around their necks. The connector at the end of the lace has a detachable cord that can be inserted to cord outlet of phones. Since the device is placed in front of the owner, it provides better security than being placed in bags or pockets. It is also advisable it if the phone is frequently used. Most lanyards can also be custom made to match phone skins and covers.

•According to a research, at least 1.7 million people in America lose their car keys in a year. Keys are among the most important valuables that often get misplaced. Since they’re tiny and don’t have some sort of alarm system when lost, keys are best attached to neck lanyards.

•Today, USB and flash drive data carriers come in sleek and miniscule forms. Some USBs have a capacity of 1 terabyte, but look just about the size of a thumb. These items often carry important virtual files so they have to be protected. To secure your files, you should attach them to a lanyard. You can easily hang them on hooks so you can find them effortlessly the next time you’ll use it.

•Cameras have this hand lace, a shorter version of lanyards that secures it by wearing it around the arm. However, if you wish to free your hand while enjoying scenic view and whichever tour you’re in, attaching your camera to a lanyard is the best option. You can freely move, while having your device ready anytime you see a picture perfect spot.

With these items that lanyard can hold, it is not hard to see why more and more people are buying one for themselves. Lanyards also don’t cost a lot, even the high quality ones. You can create from scratch and have your own lanyard design come to life through cutting edge technology like heat press, embossed print, laser and dye sublimation. The print would be embedded into the material so it won’t wear off easily. Visit for more detail information.You can also choose a cheaper option, which is the tubular type made with silk screen printing. This is ideal for basic type fonts and lettering. There are also a lot of modern designs for lanyards that suit the newest fashion trends.

Whether you want to start a business on lanyards, or you need to order for a group or event, The Lanyard Authority will surely provide the best quality items at wholesale prices. They have a wide range of lanyard types that would suit your needs whether you want a low-cost material, high end printing procedure or durable type of cord. They also have lanyard hardware and badge reels. They can produce retractable, breakaway, quick release, adjusters and all sorts of hook to attach at the end of your neck lanyards. Give The Lanyard Authority a call and get a free quote today.

Golf Clubs through Time

Golf clubs are, of course, used as one of the main equipment in playing golf. It is a stick-like piece of sport equipment with a head on the bottom end and a hand grip on the upper part. They didn’t use to have a proper head and a grip.

You’d be surprised to see how much it has changed in form as time passed by.

golf clubThe origin of golf has been debated by therefore it is unclear how it all started. There are documents to support how the earlier stages of golf were like and as to what type of golf clubs were used in the olden times. It was believed that people used tree branches and slightly curved them at one end.

There was a similar game that the Romans used to play called “Paganica” where a bent stick was used. Curved bats were used in the Netherlands every year in a game called “Kolven.” The earliest clubs were made of wood but with different forms and kinds of wood. The standard wood for the stick or shaft eventually became Hickory. Persimmon was used to make the head because the material needed to be hard and sturdy to be able to take the impact of the swing towards the ball.

In the 1850’s, iron heads were eventually introduced while the golf ball also developed into a harder material. Steel replaced wood as the material for some of the sticks or the shafts in the 1890’s. Graphite was eventually used to make the stick part lighter in weight during the 1970’s. Some experimented with the use of both metal and wood but they realized that it would be better if only metal would be used. This happened in the 1980’s.

There was a time between the nineteenth century and the twentieth century where people went back to using wood for the clubs because metal would be too hard on the material of the ball and would end up damaging the balls. As time went by, the material of the golf balls changed so people started using metal clubs again. The most popular material used to make them is steel because they are the most affordable. There are a lot of materials used like titanium and graphite but these are considered expensive for most people.

Of course, like most things, there are already ideas for the future of golf clubs. One of them has an hourglass shape for the right distribution of weight. Others would use non-metallic materials for it to be more durable and lightweight. The putters would be customizable in length and alignment so that it would always give a forward spin.

Nowadays, people are also drawn to playing electronic golf. The most popular are the mobile, handheld, consoles, Wii and Xbox Kinect. With handheld consoles and smartphone games, the clubs are just pixels on a screen being controlled by your fingers on the control pads on your device. You don’t feel it physically and you can play the game sitting down. With Wii, you hold the Wii remote and you even have the option of attaching a golf club accessory to make your experience more realistic. Your body moves just like playing the actual game and you get to hold something like the actual stick. The console only recognizes the movement of the remote and not your body movements. The Xbox Kinect experience is different. You can play golf without holding anything because the console senses the whole body movement or you can enjoy it more by holding an actual stick or an actual golf club. The movements are different but the end goal is the same. Electronic clubs have shifted from buttons to remote to invisible ones.

Golf clubs have changed greatly as people’s understanding of the game improved. These are mostly due to the materials, flexing of the shafts, the durability, the partnership with the golf ball, the usage, the weight, the price and the technology. It will continue to change and the game will eventually change as well. The changes made and the changes that are just about to happen will be towards making golf a better experience through time.

Tips in PCB Fabrication

PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a mechanical assembly that consists of etched copper patterns laminated with layers of fiberglass used to rigidly mount electronic parts that all contribute to the total functionality of the entire board. Specialized electronic engineers make use of Computer-Aided Software (CAD) to design the board overlay and dictate its functionality. Below are some of tips to ensure a functional printed circuit board: And more tips are given at

General Design Tips

When finding a CAD package, always consider a few important points and not only the price:

• Satisfied customers: How many people have bought it and are still using it?

• User-friendly: If it’s hard to use, you won’t use it.

• Capability: Programs tend to limit the design in aspects such as the number of layers, components and size.

When starting out in the field of PCB fabrication, always check and compare with the work of other people. Start out simple and once you’re comfortable, slowly stretch your comfort zone.

Schematics are always important. Making a board without schematics is like looking for a restaurant in the middle of the city without a map.

Always add accessible test points for troubleshooting.

Place functional parts and components only on the top side of the board unless it’s absolutely necessary to use the two sides. This allows for a simpler circuit that should bring about fewer problems.

PCB FabricationPlace all the components that should be in specific locations. This includes switches, heat sinks, mounting holes, LEDs, connectors or any other items mounted to an external location.

Parts connecting to each other should be placed closer to one another. Ensuring this makes the PCB fabrication process much easier. Arrange integrated circuits to a maximum of two orientations: right or left, and up or down.Polarized parts such as diodes and electrolytic caps should have positive leads in the same orientation.

Leave generous space between integrated circuits for traces. This will make soldering a breeze.Print the layout in the same size as the desired board and place the components on top of the layout paper just to check if they match.

The width of the tracing lines are important as the larger the width, the lower the resistance. This would reduce the thermal strain caused by dissipation. The table below is a rough guide on how wide a signal trace should be for certain amounts of current:

0.010″ – 0.3 Amperes
0.015″ – 0.4 Amperes
0.020″ – 0.7 Amperes
0.025″ – 1.0 Amperes
0.050″ – 2.0 Amperes
0.100″ – 4.0 Amperes
0.150″ – 6.0 Amperes

Always take into consideration that heat degrades performance and may even damage the circuit if not well dissipated. Always add heat sinks in areas where you expect greater thermal activity and keep critical parts of the circuit away from heat sources.

Always use vias, plated-through holes, or feed-through holes, to move signals from one layer to another.As a general practice in PCB fabrication, one side of the board should have vertical traces and the other side should have horizontal traces. For multilayer boards, use alternating patterns to ensure continuity.

It’s common practice to avoid 90-degree signal traces; restrict them to alternating 45-degree angles with a short leg in between.Always check your work and check every routing to verify that nothing is missing or mistakenly wired. This is easily done by running through the schematics one connection at a time. Metal components such as connectors, batteries, crystals, switches, and heat sinks can cause shorts when placed above traces.

Quite possibly, this final tip is the most important of all – double-check your work. Always remember that design is half the work when it comes to PCB fabrication and any defects here will ripple across the finished product.

Author Bio:
PCB Fabrication PCB fabrication is all about the assembly of circuit boards used in electronics and computers.Pcb Industry are ready to produce the finest quality PCB Frabicration products that our customers expect.

Areas That You Should Consider when Buying Homes for Sale in Long Island, NY

Purchasing a new home can be a perplexing task. Apart from financing issues, a lot of other home-related factors need to be considered before plunging into a final deal. If you want to reside in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, or Suffolk, you can easily browse through real estate sites for Long Island MLS listings for homes up on the market. However, buying a new home requires more than just online browsing. You have to do a lot of inspection and investigation to ensure that you acquire the optimal deal.

Read through this guide for the areas that you should consider when buying homes for sale in Long Island, NY.

1.First, it is highly important to check on the surrounding area.You can talk to the neighbors and assess the accessibility of the place. Drive around Long Island to assess the distance between major establishments and institutions. Another vital factor is the security of the neighborhood. Investigate and check on news archives concerning your potential neighborhood.

2.The foundation of the homes for sale in Long Island, NY is an essential deciding factor that should be considered. When these supporting structures show signs of weakness or deterioration, repair costs can be expensive. Foundations should be well-built because they are the framework that would keep the house together in times of natural calamities especially strong earthquakes. You wouldn’t want to compromise home safety with the house’s aesthetic design.

Real Estate3.Not all new homes for sale in Long Island, NY have working electrical systems. Some are installed incorrectly and they need to be fixed right away. It is highly important to have your electric circuits checked before settling into your new home. Faulty wiring and other electrical issues can be very dangerous for residents.

4.You should also inspect the plumbing system of your potential house. You can ask about the water system in the area. Is the water supply adequate 24/7? Have there been previous issues on water drainage systems within the neighborhood?

5.Your potential home’s fixtures should be of high quality. You would be spending probably the rest of your life in the place so you should see to it that you get high-end bathroom and kitchen pieces. Most of the time, builders decide on which fixtures to incorporate in the houses unless you close the deal before they were fully-built and furnished.

6.You wouldn’t want to deal with substandard roofs. Having them fixed can be very expensive and time-consuming. Be sure to have someone to inspect the quality of the roof. Is it well-placed? Is it in good shape?

7.Apart from the home itself, landscaping is also important. There should be enough green around your home. However, the distance between huge trees and your home area should at least be more than 10 inches. When your house is too close from the plants that you water, the soil and the foundation would expand. Trees and plants with massive roots can also affect your drainage system.

8.The roof and insulation system should be appropriate for the weather in Long Island. You can check on the attic for the details on the house’s insulation system.The fiberglass should concur with the climate. The R-19 is apt for moderate climates while R-38 or fiberglass which is 12 inches thick is more suitable in cool climates.

Top Organizations that Uses Custom Challenge Coins

The popularity and use of custom challenge coins continue to rise. These coins are given to honor people and recognize their roles in the society, particularly those who are in uniform.

In spite of the popularity of these coins, there are still some who are not aware which military organizations distribute coins to their members. Below are the top organizations that distribute challenge coins.

The Army

This branch of the military serves as defensive and offensive forms on land activities. Members of this group are assigned in the front lines to keep their camps protected and at the same time helping others while on duty.

custom challenge coinsThe armed forces are divided into two groups. The field army is the troop that is being sent out and carry out their functions as military men regularly. Also, the army reserves are the groups that are usually deployed as supports where manpower is required such as wars and natural calamities. The armed forces give custom challenge coins to these military men to recognize their service for their country.For more reference visit official site

The Navy

Also referred to as maritime force, it is a branch of the military assigned of naval operations. In some nations, these maritime organizations can be under the naval troops or as an independent group with specialized services.

The navy are assigned to different operations such as commissioning naval military vessels for instance water tankers. The navy will take on the naval strategic and aviation planning. Their functions also include operating the amphibious, which imply that they can be both on water and land if needed.

They act as support or are designated as guards in the borderline. The navy troops take pride of their function and built brotherhood, which lead to the distribution of navy custom challenge coins to the group members.

The Air Force

This group is assigned to aerial operations of the country. Military men in the air force are well-versed in handling the aerial tankers used during the aerial warfare. They are trained in aerial navigation and techniques that are in charge of protecting the border.

Aside from taking part in wars, their assistance is also needed in cases of calamities where it requires aerial travel to mobilize the supplies and help for civilians and fellow air force members.

Because of their role, people are giving the high regards, particularly when they display their skills on public shows. This group holds demonstrations regularly to show off their skills on how they operate their air craft’s. Synchronized flying strategies are also included in the show.

Due to their services, air force members get custom challenge coins to display their pride on their skills and work. These coins are customized depending on their respective units or troop characteristics.

The Coast Guards

The troops protecting and handling the water borders from intruders are the coast guards. The naval force supervises their operations, but some nations have them as independent entities. Aside from guarding the borders, they also play vital roles in supervising customs and providing additional security. Their roles also include giving assistance to the government on water searches in case of accidents.

Since coast guards are considered as public servants, they are entitled in getting these challenge coins to commemorate their services.

The Corporate Offices

This group, although they are not part of the government servants, they are also distributing challenge coins to their members. These coins are given as rewards for devoted employees in serving the company for many years. Corporate coins are given to employees who are retiring or as a gift item for employees who are promoted to the top rank.

There are lots of organizations that understand the significance of challenge coins to boost the morale of their employees or members. Customizing these coins is easy with experts providing their services to different groups.

What are Badge Lanyards?

Badge lanyards are those that you wear around your neck for the purpose of keeping your badge and ID card in place. They are actually used in a lot of different ways. Most people are not familiar with the term lanyards, since they are most commonly called ID lace or just strings to hang ID cards. They are also called ID card holders or ID straps.

No matter what they are called, these useful and simple strings have so many functions. They are used for hanging small items around your neck, items that are often misplaced. These are objects that you can bring when work requires you to be moving around all the time.

Badge lanyards can be used for a lot of different purposes: for schools, offices, events, promotions, and personal consumption.

They are mainly utilized for identification purposes. Employees wearing lanyards enhance a company’s security measures since it will be easier to identify legitimate employees.

How Badge Lanyards Promote Your Business

ID laces or lanyards have their commercial advantages. They can be used to promote your brand in trade shows, conventions, job fairs, and conferences, among other events. They are versatile enough to be used as giveaways to encourage would-be clients to purchase your products or do business with your company.

Marketing and advertisements are important aspects of any business. For your company to grow, you have to engage in aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns to enhance the image of your company.

Customized badge lanyards are the perfect promotional items that any company can use. Most online shops offer do-it-yourself designs and you can simply place your orders once you have made your preferred design. In addition, most of them have an option of using a template wherein you can simple encode the information you want to be placed on the customized lanyards and then when ready, you can order the items you need and wait for the delivery.

This is why these have become quite popular. Aside from being inexpensive, they are versatile and reusable; so using them as promotional materials doesn’t break your company’s bank account and ensures that the brand name is efficiently advertised, without too much effort.

Even when your company is not doing the advertising directly, like having your employees wear lanyards that are embroidered or printed with your company name or logo, you gain exposure and your employees are your walking advertisers.

Badge LanyardsThese company lanyards also give employees a sense of pride. Because instead of wearing generic ID holders like other companies, they have a sense of belonging and they know that they represent the name of your company. In effect, they become more responsible especially when outside company premises. They become proud of their company, especially when the brand name is esteemed.

Having these lanyards used by employees and given as promotional items helps give your company a good reputation, especially in the eyes of future investors and potential clients. They will see the seriousness of your organization to gain good grip of the market, and this is what will attract investors.

Your company also portrays a different degree of responsibility, thus attracting more high profile clients who can give you that much needed boost in terms of sales and growth.

Customers always appreciate the effort given by companies that offer even the simplest of giveaways. Free items attract potential customers and this is an excellent way of attracting their attention.

Badge lanyards are among the most versatile accessories for the office or school. They have many uses and consumers will appreciate this concern over some trivial things; like giving them lanyards to secure their mobile phones. A lot businesses have benefitted from these useful lanyards, so why not try these out and enjoy the benefits yourself? is a one-stop solution shop for lanyards! If you need ID lanyards, badge lanyards, neck lanyards, or any other style, we can provide it.

How a Mister is Used in the Agricultural Sector

A mister is a machine that blows both air and mist. The mist fan mixes the water droplets with air in order to cool the latter. The air is cooled through a process that is known as evaporative cooling.

Agricultural MisterEvaporative cooling may sound like some complicated science lesson that most people missed out on or forgot about because they cut class or fell asleep in class. It’s actually quite simple to understand. Take the human body for example.

The human body produces a lot of heat. It is one amazing piece of machinery. However, like any machine, the human body can overheat due to strenuous physical activity. The body needs to regulate temperature or else bad things will happen. To help regulate body temperature, the human body likes to sweat. Sweat absorbs some of the body heat then evaporates. When the seat evaporates it takes some of the heat away from the body thereby cooling it.

The process is basically the same for a mister. Water droplets a few microns in size absorb heat from the air to cool it. There are, however, applications beyond cooling where mist fans see a lot of use. The agricultural industry for example uses mist fans for a wide variety of applications. Here are just a few of those applications below.

Keeping the livestock cool and comfy

Most people might not know this, but mist fans have been around for quite a long time now, more than half a century in fact. Another fun fact about mist fans is that they were first made to help keep livestock cool.

Climate controlLivestock, like cows, pigs, and chickens, are like human beings. If they are treated well they tend to be healthier and more productive. Pigs produce better and healthier young when they are well fed and bred in a good environment. Cows produce more milk at a higher quality when they are healthy. Chickens lay more eggs when they are in good physical shape.

Temperature plays a big role in human health much in the same way as it does with livestock. A mister provides livestock owners a simple and cheap solution for their livestock cooling needs. Using several mist fans is a lot easier and cheaper than using air conditioners for animals.

Climate control and greenhouses

Those who love to garden or grow their own plants know how difficult it is to keep plants alive. Sure it may not seem like much, after all, plants just stand there basking in the sun’s rays and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants are similar in certain ways and are also different in other ways.

Some plants for example require a certain kind of environment in order to survive, let alone grow healthy. It is in fact, for that reason why some people use greenhouses for their plants. Greenhouses, also known as a glasshouse, are those structures or buildings where plants are stored and grown.

In some areas, having a greenhouse is not enough. The overall climate of the area can prevent certain plants from growing. This is especially true in arid areas where a lot of plants are wanting for moisture. In fact, in some arid locations, greenhouses completely close their doors knowing how difficult it is to grow plants during the summer season.

The necessity of climate control is the reason why so many greenhouses are starting to use mist fans to help produce and maintain a controlled the environment. The mist fans produce the moisture necessary to keep some of the plants growing. The use of a mister is very practical and cost effective when compared to the alternatives.